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Artist Workshop: RES 101: Info on Artist Residencies

Free.  RSVP:


  1. 30 Minutes: Who? What? Where? When? Why? of Residencies
    1. Describe the basics of Artist Residencies and the importance
    2. 5 Quick Application Tips 
    3. Questions
  2. 30 Minutes: Artist Residency Fortune Telling
    1. Attendees tell us basic parameters about their artistic practice 
    2. We list between 1-5 artist residencies that fit their practice and need 

About RES

RES is a united database of artist residency opportunities that will automatically match artists with open calls that they're eligible for. By bringing together more than a dozen existing platforms, like Residency Unlimited, Rate My Artist Residency, and China Residencies (current members of the New Museum’s incubator for art, technology & design, NEW INC), RES will allow professionals and students in the creative field to connect with over 5,000 different residencies, fellowships, travel grants, and opportunities to create and show their work. Founded by Katrina Neumann, Kira Simon-Kennedy, and Sebastien Sanz de Santa Maria in 2016.