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 Ad Reinhardt, 1947  (New York Artists Equity Association records)

Ad Reinhardt, 1947 (New York Artists Equity Association records)

2018 Members Invitational Exhibition
Call for Submissions

Deadline: October 25th, Midnight 

Submissions are officially open for the juried 2018 Annual Members Invitational at Equity Gallery! If you are a current member of New York Artists Equity, you are welcomed to apply. The requirements for submission are: 

  • Each applicant can submit up to 3 artworks. Images of these works should be formatted as high res 300 DPI JPEGS. Each image should be labeled with the artists name, the artwork’s title, the year completed, the medium and materials used, and the dimensions in a H”x W” format. If your work is film or video art, please send us a link as well as a still image. If an artists is selected for the exhibition, 1-2 of their works will be shown.

  • The applicant must send a single PDF including an artist statement, short bio, and a CV. The PDF should not exceed 10 MB. Please have all materials written in the third person. 

  • The images and PDF must be emailed to with the subject line “Members Invitational Submission.” 

  • All applicants must fill out the form below for their submissions to be considered 

  • Current membership to New York Artists Equity is REQUIRED for eligibility, no exceptions. Submission is free for members, with no additional fees.

  • A completed application will include a total of 3 images, a PDF with all the information listed above, and a filled out form. If all three components are not submitted, the application will be considered incomplete and will not be eligible until all materials are received.   

Interested in applying but not a member? To join New York Artists Equity, please click the link to the “Join” page below. 

If your membership expired, you can renew your membership via the “Renew” page on the website. Click the link below.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Please note that to keep the judgement process equitable, the October 25th entry deadline is non-negotiable; late entries will not be accepted or reviewed by the jury.  More information about the jury for the 2018 Annual Members Invitational will be announced soon! 

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